National MerchandisingYour Merchandising Solution
National Merchandising

"Today's Solution for Tomorrow's Retail Environment"

National Merchandising is a nationwide provider of flexible
merchandising solutions for the consumer packaged goods industry in all classes of trade. We can customize effective, cost efficient and innovative services to insure your success at the retail level.

Our Merchandisers and Managers complete 1000's of retail calls each month developing professional relationships with the decision makers of the retail environment. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of the merchandising industry including in-store procedures from the backrooms to the sales floor. This translates to increased benefits for our Client's sales, shelf positioning and distribution on every call we make.

In addition to a wide range of innovative products and retail services, we also provide customizable web-based real time reporting capabilities including live operator assisted reporting for daily reporting of today's situation for fast optimization of opportunities at the retail level. We also provide POP/POS store fulfillment shipping and warehousing using UPS logistics nationwide. 


We're your solution today for tomorrow's Retail Environment.

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