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We do have both a pre-check in & check-in policy.  We ask that the day before the job you call 1-800-401-7976 or 770-460-9898 to confirm you are still a go.  Upon arrival at the job also call to confirm presence.  If at anytime you are unable to work the job, then both call the office & e-mail your scheduler.  Please continue until you reach a live person or receive an e-mail back.  It is a great help to know ready status which adds credibility for us to continue scheduling you on future jobs.

If we do not hear from you on the pre-check in procedures, then we do have our schedulers and office staff call to re-confirm.  On the night jobs that we perform this is sometimes troubleome because we do understand reps sleep before the jobs during the daytime.  In order to avoid us calling, please call us.  We ask that you call daily.

Occassionally even reps who have worked well with us for years have a situation arise that even after accepting a job they are unable to be present.  Due to the fact that jobs are criticle and/or at times we get penalized for failure to have reps arrive,  we make all reps do the pre-check in calls the day before each reset.  If you have consecutive day assignments, then it is best to call when finishing the first day job that you are still OK to go for the next day.  

Thank you for doing the pre-check in calls the day before the job.  As noted above, if there is any reason something occurs that prohibits you from working the job that you are already assigned, then please call and e-mail until we are understanding that you are unavailable.

The check-in policy is also very important.  We have hundreds of reps working and in order to know where trouble spots are the fastest we need those check-in calls.  Also by checking in it allows us to confirm with clients that you are on roll call, get you paid faster and of course realize where we don't have problems.  Please make sure you do check-in on each day of each job. 

If you are running late, then please alert us so we can call the team leader so they will know you are on your way.  Thank you for your assistance.

Another way to do your pre-check in requirement the day before or the day of the job is to fill out the below pre-check in form.

After Completing Form Please Scroll Up.

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